Is there any greater feeling than seeing the light-bulb go on? Empowering educators and inspiring life-long learners is a commitment that we at SMART are passionate to champion. That’s why we help create transformative learning environments, for today and tomorrow, with revolutionary new software platforms and innovative interactive displays.


SMART amp: the first of its kind

BETT Awards 2015, Judges Panel

“The first of its kind, it stimulates interactivity and collaboration while promoting creativity and learning across the curriculum. It's good value for the money.”

SMART amp™

Award-winning collaborative learning software

Enable anywhere, anytime co-creation and collaboration on mobile devices

SMART Notebook™

Collaborative learning software

Think outside the book.

SMART Board 4000 series

Designed for any classroom environment to offer more choices for evolving classroom dynamics and learner needs.

SMART Board 6000 series

Pen iQ™ and Object awareness™ offer intuitive collaborative freedom while 4K Ultra HD provides crisp content clarity.

SMART Board 800

Interactive whiteboard

True multi-student collaboration while maximizing small group learning

SMART Board M600

Interactive whiteboard

Simple, captivating, engaging at every touch


Interactive projector

Bring learning to light

SMART kapp

Digital Capture Board

The dry-erase board reinvented

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