Interactive Displays

Enhance the power of collaborative learning.

Powered by SMART Notebook®

Multi-touch Collaboration

More students at the board, more hands-on learning. With multi-touch interactivity, multiple students can work together or independently at the board with fingers or pens.

Made for learning

We design with educators and students in mind. We ask, we discover, we learn, we build: high-performance displays engineered for classrooms.

Intuitive at every touch

Go from pen to fingers to palm of your hand. Toss, rotate, zoom, erase using natural touch gestures. Every inch is a workspace, boundaries undrawn.

Powered by SMART Notebook™

Inspired learning thinks outside the book. Collaborative software creates engaging lesson materials. Tap into SMART Exchange and share unlimited content for every age, grade, subject–Common Core included.

SMART is in our DNA

What makes our interactive displays so smart? We were here first - touch-technology pioneers, redefining how knowledge grows. For more than 20 years, we’ve invented, designed and refined technology and software for our schools. And ours is a culture of courageous thinkers.

SMART Board M600

Interactive whiteboard

Simple, captivating, engaging at every touch

SMART Board 800

Interactive whiteboard

True multi-student collaboration while maximizing small group learning


Interactive projector

Bring learning to light

SMART Board 6065

Interactive Flat Panel

The interactive flat panel, reimagined


collaborative learning center

Bring active minds together

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