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Lesson planning has never been this easy

The greatest gift we can give our teachers is more time

Create a fun, engaging activity in 5 minutes. Plus, easily access thousands of teaching resources on SMART Exchange.

Intuitive and powerful

With SMART Notebook’s subject-specific functionality, integration with mobile devices and thousands of pieces of pre-created content, it’s easy to make learning fun.

A flexible, evolving platform

Get the most out of your classroom technology investments and ensure a consistent user experience by standardizing across interactive displays and operating systems with SMART Notebook.

Built for education

Enjoy the benefits of a proven technology developed specifically for education over 22 years, and used in almost 3 million classrooms worldwide.

5-minute lesson planning

Bring gamification into the classroom with Lesson Activity Builder. It's a simple tool to create fun, engaging activities in less than 5 minutes.

Interact with lessons from an iPad

SMART Notebook Maestro lets teachers and students interact with content and engage in collaborative lessons from a single iPad.

Use innovative math tools

Powered by GeoGebra, SMART Notebook Math is built by math enthusiasts to make math a dynamic, fun subject for students.

Integrate student devices

Students can use web-enabled devices to engage with lessons and answer spontaneous or planned questions.

Interactive concept maps

Map ideas and brainstorm sessions interactively, so students can explore their learning process, together.

SMART Blocks: math made fun

Students write numbers and drop them into the equation block where the answer is automatically formulated. It can be used for simple addition up to basic algebra.

Quick guide to your purchase

SMART Notebook is included with any purchase of a SMART Board®. It can also be purchased to use on other hardware. Your license will never expire. You need our maintenance plan (SMART Notebook Advantage) to upgrade to newer versions of SMART Notebook when they're released.

Get SMART Notebook

Your purchase includes:

  • A license for SMART Notebook that doesn't expire
  • A free subscription to SMART Notebook Advantage for a year*

*SMART hardware purchased prior to April 1st, 2013 does not include a SMART Notebook Advantage subscription. You can buy a subscription to upgrade your current version of SMART Notebook.

Maintain SMART Notebook

SMART Notebook Advantage is our software maintenance plan. It includes:

  • Upgrades when new versions of SMART Notebook are released
  • Live technical support
  • Premium features for SMART Notebook

SMART Notebook 15

Our latest version of SMART Notebook. Get a free 90-day trial of the incredible features of Notebook 15

SMART amp software

SMART's revolutionary new software platform, SMART amp allows you to unlock the potential of any student personal device with this cloud-based software.

SMART Notebook 11.4

This version doesn't include new features or tech support, and doesn't require SMART Notebook Advantage.


SMART Notebook product guides

Quick reference guides, installation specs, FAQs...they're all here. Get all the technical information you need to support your version of SMART Notebook.


Activation and Product Keys

Find out how SMART Notebook software activation works and learn more about SMART Notebook product keys



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Licensing Models

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