SMART Notebook™ 2014

collaborative learning software

Think outside the book

Champion their curiosity. Join more than 3 million users around the globe. Create and deliver inspired lessons, access high-quality education content and engage students. And with a SMART Notebook Advantage subscription, you’ll experience SMART on a whole new level.

Teacher made, student inspired

Created and refined based on feedback from educators to support a variety of pedagogical styles, subjects and age groups.

Intuitive learning tools

Easy-to-use, intuitive tools let you create and deliver dynamic lessons effortlessly.

Access to high-quality resources

Instantly access SMART Exchange for 60,000+ high-quality lessons and additional content created by more than 3 million SMART Notebook users.

Standardized learning platform

License SMART Notebook for any interactive hardware to create a standardized learning platform across your school or district-wide.

Discover what’s new with SMART Notebook 2014

Engineered to enhance the collaborative learning experience with subject-specific add-ons, formative assessment tools, powerful new content, responsive functionality and so much more. Upgrade to a whole new level of learning.


SMART Response VE

Go seamlessly from lesson delivery to assessment, with students able to respond to planned or spontaneous questions and quizzes from any web-enabled device.


SMART Notebook Math Powered by GeoGebra

Powerful math functionality for all grade levels, including 55,000+ math content objects and activities for geometry, algebra, calculus and statistics.

Notebook iPad

XC Basic

Students can text from any mobile device to display on any SMART Board. Stimulate enthusiastic collaboration and class discussion in new ways.


Ink Editing

Enhance instruction with automatic handwriting recognition and conversion combined with intuitive text editing capabilities. Edit, move, delete, modify or insert text objects without reaching for a keyboard.

Frank Norton

Real teachers, inspired stories

Frank Norton, Cranbrook Kingswood School

“SMART Notebook has allowed me much more flexibility in what I can do in the classroom. I can pull up diagrams that I would not normally be able to pull up, rotate the diagrams, show them models and demonstrations. . . Things that you can’t do normally in the class.”

Additional Information and Features

Specs Brochure

SMART Notebook collaborative learning software additional information and features

iPad App

Actively engage students with the SMART Notebook app for iPad. Create basic multimedia files and complete Notebook lesson activities for personalized and collaborative learning.


Flexible licensing by classroom, school or entire district.

Full Feature List

SMART Notebook is loaded with features to bring inspired collaboration to your classroom.

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