SMART Board® 800 Series

Hands-on learning, intuitive capabilities

A catalyst for class participation. Intuitive design. Engaging digital workspace. True multi-student collaboration and small group learning. Encourage critical thinking and problem-solving. Spark better learning outcomes for all.

Powered by SMART Notebook®

Multitouch Collaboration

With multi-touch interactivity, multiple students can work together or independently at the board with fingers or a pen.

Freestyle interaction

Every surface inch is a collaborative workspace – multiple students, multiple actions.

Intuitive at every touch

Go from pen to fingers to palm of your hand, interchangeably with object awareness. Flick, rotate, zoom and erase with natural touch gestures.

Powered by SMART Notebook®

Create and deliver inspired lessons, manage the classroom, access high-quality education content and engage students with interactive learning for every age, grade and subject.

In the classroom

Inspired collaboration is inclusive. Learn how SMART unleashes learning for every ability.


Boards and Systems both include:

  • Software: SMART Notebook included
  • Touchpoints: 4
  • Optical touch technology: DViT
  • Multi-touch gestures
  • Intelligent Pen Tray including two ergonomic pens and an eraser

I'm Ready To Buy

To speak with a SMART representative, please call 1-800-452-4796.

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