SMART Board® M600 Series

Simple, captivating, engaging at every touch

Focused learning, intuitive design and control. Dual touch freestyle interaction. SMART Notebook Collaborative Learning Software. Our most user-friendly interactive whiteboards. Less curve, more learning.

Powered by SMART Notebook®

Dual touch collaboration

With dual touch interactivity, two students can work together using pens, fingers or other objects

Seamless interaction

Switch between pen, finger and eraser easily through the pen tray or Notebook software

Intuitive control

Rotate, zoom and flick using natural touch gestures

Freestyle interaction

Every surface inch is a collaborative workspace–multiple students, multiple actions

SMART Notebook

Collaborative Learning Software

Software to power inspired learning anytime, anywhere and enable whole-class instruction

Create and deliver lessons, inspire collaborative learning

Built for the classroom

See how the M600 Series changes classrooms


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