SMART Document Camera™ 450

Turn everyday objects into captivating digital interactive content

Mix reality, inspire imaginations. Easily capture images, video and audio. Create exciting multimedia materials and 3D lesson content. Transform complex lessons and abstract concepts into a hands-on learning experience.

Powered by SMART Notebook®

Integrated with SMART Notebook®

Access and control the document camera directly from SMART Notebook software without leaving your lesson. You can write over images, comment, annotate, copy and save.

Enriched by mixed reality

Manipulate and explore 3D content for a hands-on experience that engages students of all learning styles, helping them to understand complex, abstract and conceptual content.

360-degree learning

Bring the outside world into the classroom. Flexible, gooseneck design with 5-megapixel camera and 80x zoom provide sharp, detailed images and videos from every angle.

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To speak with a SMART representative, please call 1-800-452-4796.

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