New features in kapp iQ

kapp iQ is now available with these exciting features:

  • SMART kapp iQ's panoramic whiteboard
  • One-touch access to SMART amp, SMART lab* and a SMART Notebook* viewer
  • Built-in web browser
  • Screencasting*, guest PC access* and more to come!

These enhancements to kapp iQ provide a complete all-in-one classroom solution, promising a simple, fully integrated experience between student devices and an interactive display.

* Automatic software updates – anticipated in Fall 2016

New Features

Naturally dynamic classrooms

SMART kapp iQ's whiteboard allows writing back-and-forth between the display and any mobile device, making group work and teacher-led instruction more dynamic.

Take snapshots of anything on the display and save them to review or share later. Instead of reviewing furiously scribbled notes, students can review and share the crisp snapshots they've saved.

SMART Learning Suite included

SMART kapp iQ includes access to four of the world's best education software tools:

SMART Notebook: The world-leading software designed for education.
SMART lab: Create engaging activities in less than 5 minutes.
SMART amp: Discover co-creation on a level you’ve never seen.
SMART response 2: Quick and effective formative assessment.

Walk Up and Use

The display is ready when you are. It turns on when you walk into the room. Simply pick up a pen and start writing.

From device to whiteboard and back again

Invite students to write onto the display from their laptop, tablet or phone. That contribution will simultaneously appear on all other devices in real-time.

The SMART kapp app

Connect one device (Android or iOS) to the display through the app. Now you can invite up to 250 students to follow and contribute to content as it unfolds in real-time, and save it all for later.

Pick up where you left off

Any saved snapshot, whether from kapp iQ and SMART kapp whiteboard, can be loaded onto the display so that you can continue working on ideas from previous classes.

Panoramic writeboard

The panoramic whiteboard scrolls left to right, giving you more room to work.

ENERGY STAR® compliant

Certified by ENERGY STAR to save energy, lowering your total cost of ownership (kapp iQ 75 only).

Younger and Middle Grades

During group work, every one contributes, either on the display or from their device. The notes can be saved at any point as a screenshot, which can be emailed for later review.

Teachers can share the whiteboard to devices in the classroom in real time, as well as take screenshots to email afterward. Plus, at any point they can switch back to the UHD interactive display running SMART Learning Suite.

High School and Higher Education

Students can screenshot lesson content written on the whiteboard at any time. All lesson, project and homework notes can be emailed out by the instructor after class.

Group work can be shared amongst devices as it happens, as well as saved for review afterward.

Meeting Rooms & Common Spaces

Share your whiteboard to any device while you work in libraries, meeting rooms, or wherever else ad hoc brainstorming or project work takes place.

Whether participants are in the room or not, the content unfolds as it happens on their device. At any point they can take a screenshot, which they can review or email.

The value of an interactive display

If you think a projector is cheaper than an interactive display, this will surprise you.

Using SMART interactive displays with Chromebooks

For the best experience with the Chrome operating system, use SMART amp software and SMART Board interactive flat panels. Touch and control content accurately on the large Ultra HD and HD displays.