SMART Table collaborative learning center

Bring active minds together

Bring students together for an irresistibly captivating experience. So inclusive, learners of every ability will grow academically and socially. So fun, they'll forget they're learning.

Powered by SMART Notebook®

Active, small-group collaboration

Up to eight students can work together at the same time, encouraging social and academic development

Accessible for all

Developed to meet Universal Design for Learning (UDL) standards, the horizontal 360-degree surface makes it easy for all students to participate, and the pedestal base is fully wheelchair accessible

Fully engaging

Access ready-made content for preK – 3 from the SMART Exchange website, create new activities using the SMART Table Toolkit or import SMART Notebook files

Super sturdy

Designed for enthusiastic learners, the sturdy pedestal prevents tipping, the scratch- and spill-resistant surface can support up to 200 lb. (90kg)


Download specs
    Physical Size
    45 7/8" L × 28 11/16" W × 25 1/2" H
    132 lb.
    Number of touch points
    up to 40 touch points
    Installed software
    SMART Table® software
    OS Compatibility
    Windows® operating system or Mac operating system
    1080p full HD LED LCD

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To speak with a SMART representative, please call 1-800-452-4796.

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