SMART Notebook®

World-leading lesson creation and delivery software


Now part of the SMART Learning Suite

SMART Notebook is now only available as part of the SMART Learning Suite. This suite combines Notebook with assessment, student collaboration and game-based learning software, to create enriching learning experiences. It's available on one simple licensing plan.


2.4 million educators choose SMART Notebook. Here’s why.

Everything you need

Notebook includes subject-specific tools, integration with mobile devices and thousands of free lesson resources, making it easy to make learning fun.


Easy standardization

Notebook works with any interactive display or any operating system and its flexible, evolving platform makes it easy to standardize across any district while staying on top of pedagogical trends.

Built for education

Based on 22 years of education expertise, Notebook is designed for schools and used by 2.4 million educators worldwide.

Compatible with all SMART Board® and SMART kapp iQ™ displays and with Epson BrightLink® Interactive Projectors

SMART Notebook Player app

Run your Notebook lessons from any mobile device.

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Mac and PC desktop experience

SMART Notebook® software comes with lesson creation tools, subject specific features and endless ways to wow students.

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Anywhere, any device online experience

Classrooms come alive when everyone is able to participate in SMART Notebook® lessons from anywhere using any device.

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