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A collaborative workspace where you can share and work on a variety of lesson content

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Sign in

1. Sign in

Use your Google Apps for Education login to sign in to SMART amp - no extra user names or passwords to create or remember.

Create a class

2. Create a class

You can create a new class or import your Google class list directly into amp.

Add content

3. Add content

Embed Notebook lessons, PDFs, videos, images or content from publishers like Discovery Education.

Start collaborating

4. Start collaborating

Invite one student, a group of students or the whole class to the workspace.

Gauge student understanding

5. Gauge student understanding

Watch collaboration as it unfolds assess and guide students, without having to interrupt the learning.

Extend the learning

6. Extend the learning

Students can complete projects anywhere or at any time because SMART amp is browser based.

Collaborate with a variety of content in one place

Get more out of Google Apps for Education

SMART amp leverages Google Apps for Education to take co-creation and student-led learning to a whole new level.

Make student devices more powerful

Let students work together, and with their teachers, across laptops and tablets in a workspace designed specifically for education.

Contribute to the workspace from anywhere, at anytime.

Assess and guide students, without having to interrupt learning.

Take over the workspace at any time to demonstrate and describe work to students.

Switch from whole class, individual, small-group learning activities without wasting class time.

Easily see the contributions made by each student during group work.

Ideal for Chromebooks, and any other student device or interactive display.

Import Notebook lessons, view them in full screen, export pages and write over them.

Import your Google Classroom class lists directly. They update automatically.

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