Powered by SMART Learning Suite

This suite of software gives you four of the world's best education software tools, so students, teachers and devices can all connect to turn lessons into enriching learning experiences.

Built for value

Never pay for projector maintenance again. No light bulbs to replace, less power usage, all wrapped in a display with stunning resolution that will last for years.

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The ultimate classroom experience

Premium features like Silktouch and SMART ink combine to offer the most natural, most responsive collaborative learning experience ever.

SMART kapp iQ

This magical interactive display enables students to contribute to on-screen content directly from their mobile devices, in real time, from anywhere. Includes SMART Learning Suite.

SMART Board 6000 series

Pen ID and Object awareness offer intuitive collaborative freedom while 4K Ultra HD provides crisp content clarity. Includes SMART Learning Suite.

SMART Board 4000 series

Designed for any classroom environment to offer more choices for evolving classroom dynamics and learner needs. Includes SMART Learning Suite.

Using SMART interactive displays with Chromebooks

For the best experience with the Chrome operating system, use SMART amp software and SMART Board interactive flat panels. Touch and control content accurately on the large Ultra HD and HD displays.


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