Using SMART with a Chromebook™

Get more out of your investment in Chromebooks

SMART products complement Chrome OS and give you more ways to engage students, while leveraging the investment you’ve made in Chrome.

SMART Learning Suite software

Ideal for project-based and student-led learning, SMART amp is specifically designed for use on Chromebooks. Users benefit from a single sign-on with Google, making it easy to access SMART amp. All workspaces are stored via Google Drive and can be shared and opened directly from Google Classroom or within SMART amp.

To access SMART Notebook files on a Chromebook, simply use the sharing features in Notebook 17 to send files directly to SMART Learning Suite online*. SMART Learning Suite online on a Chromebook allows teachers to deliver Notebook lessons in Notebook Player, ink over and interact with objects. Interactive SMART Notebook files can also be imported directly into SMART amp workspaces.

No clickers needed! SMART response 2 assessment software allows students to answer questions directly from Chromebooks, giving teachers real-time insight into learning.

Teachers can share SMART lab game-based learning activities and formative assessments directly with students using Chromebooks. Students simply login to activities through a Chrome browser or download the app. SMART Learning Suite online* will also allow teachers to create and share SMART lab activities directly from a Chromebook.


*Coming Soon: SMART Learning Suite online is a comprehensive cloud-based in-classroom platform that offers effective integration of Chromebooks to serve pedagogical needs. It enables easy management and distribution of lesson material, increases student engagement through active participation and provides insight into student understanding.

***Some interactive features of Notebook may not be available. SMART Notebook desktop is not supported by Chrome OS.

SMART Board® Interactive Displays with IQ

By connecting a Chromebook into the HDMI and USB ports of a SMART Board 6000 or 7000 series interactive display with iQ, teachers can display lessons and use touch gestures to write on, zoom and manipulate content within the lesson. For both Windows and Mac OS, the 6000 series allows 8 simultaneous touch points, while the 7000 series allows 16 simultaneous interaction points (10 touch, 4 pen and 2 erase).


Chrome OS not supported on SMART Board interactive whiteboards or SMART LightRaise™ interactive projectors

iQ technology's embedded computer offers one-touch access to the robust SMART Learning Suite applications for interactive lessons, game-based activities and online co-creation, as well as features like wireless screen sharing, a built-in web browser and a digital whiteboard.

Wireless screen-sharing makes it easy for students and teachers to access and share any content or instructional tools that are on their Chromebook to the entire classroom, displayed on a SMART Board 6000 or 7000 series.