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Spark active learning by delivering lessons to every student device.

SMART Learning Suite Online lets teachers open SMART Notebook lessons anywhere, and share them to any student device. With lessons on phones, tablets and PCs, students complete interactive assignments – and learn at their own pace. Teachers also gain valuable insights with real-time formative assessments. It’s a whole new way to spark active learning and encourage your students to challenge themselves.


Here's how you do it

Lesson Activity Builder

1. Sign in

Sign in with your school’s Microsoft or Google account on any device at

2. Select

Select any SMART Notebook lesson from the lesson library.

3. Start teaching immediately

Start teaching immediately, or connect student devices to the lesson.

Take your SMART Notebook lesson delivery to the next level

Easily open and deliver lessons anywhere with any device, including Chromebooks and iPads.

Connect student devices to your activities, assessments and lessons to boost active learning.

Use your SMART Notebook lessons, including free content in SMART Exchange.

Teachers can create and deliver assessments and activities that guide instruction.

Quickly transition between lessons on the fly. Connected devices switch too, so students don’t lose focus.

Get feedback from students at any time during the lesson with instant Shout It Out activities.

Part of the SMART Learning Suite

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It’s free! All you need to do is log in using your school’s Microsoft or Google account.