Watch how easy it is

Create activities using your own lessons in a few minutes. It's that simple and customizable, and will delight students.

It's time to have some fun

Students are too busy having a great time to realize how much they are learning. SMART lab gives teachers the means to quickly build game-based activities that amaze and engage students on their devices or front-of-room display.


Here's how you do it

Lesson Activity Builder

1. Select your activity

Engage students with a variety different activity templates... and more that are on the way.

2. Customize your content

Use the Creation Wizard to easily write new game content or load existing content in just a few minutes.

3. Start playing

Push the lesson out to student devices, or have students play it on your interactive display – either option works!

An engaging, meaningful learning experience

Whatever the subject, whatever the grade or skill level, customizable templates ensure content stays teacher defined and pedagogically sound.

Students can use interactive displays, desktop computers, tablets or laptops or any other student device to complete the activities you create, meaning every student can engage in the lesson regardless of their device.

Add games components like timed challenges, random selection from a hat, and buzzers to keep energy high.

The visual appeal of the activities is not lost on students. The high-quality graphics keep them engaged and having fun and sound effects reinforce their decisions.

Part of the SMART Learning Suite

SMART lab app

Have your students download the free SMART lab app to easily connect to lab and response 2 activities from their device.

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