A new technology, exclusive to SMART Boards

All in one

iQ technology makes the SMART Board the essential hub of the classroom. It connects lesson content, interactive displays, devices and pedagogically relevant software to create one cohesive experience. Instantly access SMART Learning Suite’s interactive lessons, game-based activities, and online co-creation, as well as features like wireless screen sharing, a built-in web browser and a digital whiteboard.

There’s no need for wires and cables, nor manual software and firmware updates. Everything you need is in one place, and available at the touch of a finger.

Simple and intuitive tools

Fingers glide effortlessly using Silktouch™ technology, providing hours of comfortable, error-free use

Pen ID™ enables writing in different colours at the same time to encourage collaboration

Object awareness™ automatically differentiates between a finger, pen or palm on the board to let you touch, erase and edit with ease

Responsive SMART ink™ guarantees writing legibility whether you use the pen or a finger


  • 4K Ultra HD video resolution with HDMI 2.0
  • 16 simultaneous touch, writing and erase points on Windows® and Mac®
  • Convenience Panel for instant access to power, volume, USB and HDMI inputs
  • You can now access and deliver lessons shared from SMART Notebook directly to your SMART Board with iQ. There's no need to connect a computer or USB, nor do you need to be on the same WiFi. It's a simple, easier way to run your lesson
  • Exclusive HyPr Touch™ technology lets you write and touch with unparalleled precision and responsiveness, while automatically detecting the different pen tray tools.
  • Integration with tablets and phones, including Chromebooks
  • Easily preview and switch to HDMI 1 and 2, DisplayPort and VGA sources from the screen
  • Dual proximity sensors automatically turn on the SMART Board when you walk in the room
  • ENERGY STAR® certification saves on energy costs

Includes SMART Learning Suite software

This suite of software gives you four of the world’s best education software tools. A one-year subscription is included with any SMART Board.

SMART Learning Suite diagram

7000 Series Specifications

SMART Board 7000
Sizes 75" and 86"
Resolution 4K Ultra HD
Simultaneous Touch, Writing and Erase Points 16 (Win and Mac)
Included Tools 4 pens with Pen ID™ and eraser
Convenience Panel Inputs and Features Power
Volume up
Volume down
2x USB-A
1x HDMI 1.4 + USB-B
Connectivity (Rear Panel, including AM30 appliance) 1x HDMI 2.0 + USB-B
1x HDMI 1.4 + USB-B
1x HDMI-out (HDCP-encrypted)
1x DisplayPort + USB-B
1x VGA + USB-B
3x USB-A
1x Optical Audio Out (Toslink)
1x 3.5mm Stereo In
1x 3.5mm Stereo Out
1x RJ-45
1x RS-232 In and Out
Proximity Detection Proximity sensors (x2)
Speakers 2x 10W
Wireless screen sharing iOS Airplay® and Google Cast™ and Miracast supported
Embedded Computing Included - AM30
Warranty coverage NA and Rest of World (excluding UK) – 3-years standard
UK – 5-years standard
1 or 2-year extended options available (excluding UK)
Preliminary 75" specs

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