Amplify learning

Students who can hear lessons stay focused and contribute more.

Teachers talk comfortably

Teachers speak at their natural volume and are heard everywhere.

Students speak up

Shy students gain confidence when they're holding a microphone.

Audio systems designed for classroom acoustics

SMART Audio systems are an ideal complement to a SMART Board and SMART Learning Suite software. The systems use wireless technology that works better in bright, open-plan classrooms than infrared devices. You won’t have interference from existing technology.


Pairing microphones with the receiver is easy. Plus, it's designed to pick up only the microphones that are paired with it.

Teacher microphone

Ideal for large spaces and classrooms with windows, the teacher microphone allows educators to adjust the volume from anywhere.

Handheld microphone

Students speak with more confidence when they're holding a microphone. This microphone picks up the quietest student voices.

Ceiling speakers

Classrooms with acoustic tile? Mounting speakers in the ceiling distributes multimedia and voice sound throughout the classroom evenly.

Wall speakers

Wall-mounted speakers are excellent for multi-media presentations. Teachers can also rotate speakers to optimize sound in different areas of the classroom.

Save on SMART Audio Bundle

1 receiver + 1 microphones + 4 speakers = Up to 1,000 square-feet of clear classroom sound – for a great price.