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Admin Guide

SMART provides installation options and tools for system administrators to help them deploy Notebook software on larger volumes of machines. For full details on all the tools available, please download the Notebook Software System Administrator's Guide.

Download the System Administrator's Guide

Download the System Administrator's Guide for Windows
Select: System Administrator's guide for Windows

Download the System Administrator's Guide for Mac

How do I find my License Keys?

SMART sends software license keys to each customer's software portal, where they can view their keys, the number of remaining activations, and the maintenance associated with each. Find out how to access your software portal here.

Admin FAQ

What is the SMART Install Manager and when should I use it?

The SMART Install Manager is a tool that helps administrators to customize their Notebook installation for network deployments. When you use this tool to configure a deployment, the result is either an MST file, XML file or PKG file (Mac). Please consult the System Administrator's Guide for details on how to use the Install Manager.

What is the MSI Installer and when should I use it?

For admins who prefer to use software deployment tools that require an MSI install file, SMART also provides an MSI Installer option. This option provides finer control over installation details – the MSI installer option will not install software prerequisites, like Flash, Microsoft .NET framework and Visual Studio Tools for Office. For more information, please consult the System Administrator's Guide.

What do I need to know about Deploying the Notebook Gallery?

SMART Notebook Software includes the Notebook Gallery archive, a 600MB repository of images and graphics for use in Notebook lessons. Because the large size of this file can present challenges for software deployment, SMART provides tools and options for more efficiently deploying the Gallery. Please see the System Administrator's Guide for deployment options, to help you reduce your network traffic/bandwidth.

What are Delayed Activations and When Do I need to Use them?

When deploying Notebook software via system imaging, use of the Delayed Activation feature of Notebook is an important step in ensuring that the software is correctly activated. Deploying a previously activated license key can result in software failures, so it is important to use delayed activations to activate the software on each individual machine, rather than on the base image. With this method, the key will then successfully activate each instance of software.

Delayed activation allows you to register a product key without immediately activating the software. The software is activated when a user opens SMART Notebook software and clicks Activate. Since the product key is already registered, no further input is required from the user.

Please consult the Activation FAQs document for more details on how to configure delayed activations.

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